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We are a social-impact company that is dedicated to human rights, well-rounded education, and service-based leadership in order to build a healthier, sustainable future for ourselves and our planet. HoistPoint wants to keep the next generation of leaders safe, help them realize their individual potential, and promote a sustainable concept of our collective potential. By utilizing a scalable model of virtual seminars and service offerings, HoistPoint can reach participants all over the world quickly and easily, an aspect where traditional programs in some of these areas have unfortunately fallen short. Further still, HoistPoint embraces both a holistic and spiritual (religiously-neutral) approach to breaking destructive cycles and promoting positive ones.


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Diane Hagopian, Founder, CEO & Speaker photo

Diane Hagopian, Founder, CEO & Speaker

Diane Hagopian is the Founder and CEO of HoistPoint. After graduating with her Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, she attended several conferences at the United Nations in Geneva and NYC. The conferences, predominantly on women's issues, human trafficking, and the socioeconomic empowerment of youth, inspired her to leave the financial services industry and instead create programs in response to the need for a mobilization of young, ethical leaders and the lack of responsible leaders in the face of a numerous, pressing, global issues. Her premier causes are education, criminal justice reform, sustainable development, gender parity, mental health, and the empowerment and revitalization of youth and marginalized groups, including veterans, prisoners, the homeless, and trafficking survivors. She is currently finishing a book which details the phenomenal trip that led her to start HoistPoint, embrace a spiritual perspective on life, and use her passion to drive real change.

HoistPoint LLC
155 Rivington Street
Ny, Ny 10002