La Cigogne

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Located in the lovely neighborhood of Carroll Gardens, this new french restaurant offers specialties from the North east region of France, Alsace. You will be able to enjoy the most authentic Alsatian cuisine such as Tartes Flambées & Spaetzles. They also offer traditional french dishes including the soup a l'oignon gratinee, salad Nicoise & steak tartare. Open everyday from 11am to 10pm Monday to Friday with no transition, as well serving a full brunch menu 10 am to 4 pm Saturday & Sunday This restaurant provides a subtle accent to the elegant bistro décor. The lively bonhomie of the bar area warmly envelops guests as they enjoy a cocktail at the bar or dine leisurely while the chimes of clinking glasses and the Art Deco sconces in the dining room invoke the transporting ambiance of a bustling Bistro In the summer, enjoy an afternoon drink on the charming outdoor terrace while experiencing the spectacular urban sunsets and la joie de vivre (the joy of living).






215 Union Street
Brooklyn, Ny 11220



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Damien Frey

Frey, 31, spent years working as a manager at New York restaurants, including Caffe Linda in Midtown, but this is his first solo venture as an owner and chef (with co-founder Jeremy Andre). After studying at the University of Idaho, Frey, who is originally from Alsace, France, moved to New York and began plotting his path toward “La Cigogne,” which friends encouraged him to open. La Cigogne is inspired by his native land's cuisine and history, and it's name carries a festive tradition unique to the region. Every year, "cigognes" (storks) from Africa migrate to the Alsace region to build their nests on rooftops and chimneys all around the town, their return is cause for celebration by the residents. As a result becoming a symbol of happiness, luck and faithfulness to the Alsatians.

La Cigogne
215 Union Street
Brooklyn, Ny 11220