Tastes of Morocco @ Zizi Limona @ Zizi Limona


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Time Wed Feb 1
7:30 PM - 9:30 PM

Location Zizi Limona
129 Havemeyer St
Brooklyn, Ny 11211

Price $55

Tastes of Morocco @ Zizi Limona

An exclusive dinner gathering bringing traditional Moroccan dishes with a Zizi twist to the Komeeda kommunity. This seven course experience will bring your taste buds to utter bliss, with our unique take on the Moroccan cuisine by using elaborate spices, foreign ingredients and some Brooklyn love.

Cuisine: Middle-Eastern

Meal: Communal / Family Style
Includes: Water
For Purchase: Beer, Specialty Cocktails, Spirits, Wine


Aunt Trippio's Falafel
Crispy & crunchy chickpea falafel served with pickled cabbage, curry yogurt, charred onion & tomato salsa
Black Cumin Cauliflower
Cauliflower on tahini topped with tomato salsa and black cumin seeds (V/GF)
Crazy Baba
A unique take on babaghanoush. Charred eggplant, feta and basil served with grilled pita bread.
Fresh and roasted vegetables finely minced mixed with feta cheese, za'atar and pita croutons
Zizi's Chicken Tangine
Bone-in chicken slowly cooked with butternut squash, chestnut, apricot, cranberries & ras el-hanut spices (N. African mix) to create an aromatic sizzling stew in a ceramic pot called a tangine.
Grilled Wild Salmon
Served with a chickpea stew, grilled artichokes, kalamata, spinach, tomato salsa & yogurt (GF)
Semolina and olive oil cake loaded with date spread, halva, vanilla ice cream, candid figs and freekeh flakes.

About Zizi Limona

This rustic-chic Williamsburg restaurant takes its culinary cues from a Jewish Moroccan heritage, creating a twist on hearty foods. With dishes such as Ribs de Berber, Black Cumin Cauliflower and Shakshuka; all super healthy and delicious, you'll want to spend your entire winter at Zizi Limona.

Website: http://www.zizilimona1.com/

Location: 129 Havemeyer St Brooklyn, Ny 11211

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About Maor Vaanunu

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A young Maor Vaanunu found his food passion by working at a local pizzeria in Kiryat Bialik, Israel. Through hustle & love, Maor integrated Middle Eastern cultures & cuisines including Moroccan, Syrian, Egyptian, and of course Israeli, to bring people together over his hearty culinary creations.