Meet, Greet & Rate What You Eat!

Komeeda was created to introduce a new dining dynamic to foodies and their friends. Komeeda partners with restaurants to host themed social dining events for Komeaters to enjoy and critique a variety of dishes, hang out with friends, meet new people, and interact with the owners, managers, and/or chefs of the restaurant – all culminating in a great night of dining! 

Taste of Turkey: A Mediterranean Dinner Night at Pashazade (BYOB)

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photo 2.JPG

Taste of Turkey: A Mediterranean Dinner Night at Pashazade (BYOB)


Komeeda is changing the dining experience and we want you to come and be apart of it! Enjoy a variety of Turkish foods, mingle with Komeaters, and bring your wine to dine with! 





Pashazade: A son of a "Pasha". 

Pasha: A person of high ranking in the Ottoman Empire.

What we know about them... THEY ATE WELL. On March 27th, come join us and feel like a "Pasha".

Quality Turkish restaurants are hard to come by nowadays and Pashazade Restaurant has made that search a lot easier.

This family run restaurant managed by Ms. Jasmin serves up quality and savory Turkish/Mediterranean cuisine, and she is inviting Komeaters to come enjoy a night of wining & dining. This mediterranean dinner night will be filled with flavor, seven dishes to be exact. All for you to enjoy and taste what Turkish cuisine has to offer. 


Venue: Pashazade 

Location: 7026 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11209

Cuisine: Turkish/Mediterranean

Host: Ms. Jasmin 

Price: $31.73 (price covers cost of food, tax and tip)

BYOB*: $6 Cork Fee (per bottle)

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Menu Items:

Mediterranean Salad
+a tangy moist salad mixed with carrots, pickled cabbage, tomatoes, feta cheese, olives & lemon oil dressing just to get you ready for the all the fun stuff

+not your typical NYC pizza but this flat bread pizza topped with ground lamb & mixed vegetables will have you asking "Lahma-WHAT-WAS-THAT-CALLED-AGIAN?" 

Sigara Borek
+pastry dough stuffed with feta cheese and fresh herbs to get your taste buds ready for the main courses

+crispy, tasty & savory deep fried chick peas

Doner Kebab
+chewy, flavorful seasoned ground lamb served with rice & grilled vegetables

Chicken Kebab
+seasoned chicken chunks served with rice & some more veggies

Sutlac (Dessert)
+sweet & satiating oven baked rice pudding to end your night without a sweet tooth. 

*BYOB Cork fee applied and limited to wine and beer. If you plan on bringing alcoholic beverages, please purchase your cork fee through eventbrite accordingly and present your ticket when checking in. No hard liquor.