Fall Dessert Menu Tasting @ Sugar Sketch

New flavors w/ subtle sweetness


Time Wed Sep 27
6:30 PM - 8 PM

Location Sugar Sketch
172 E 2nd Street
New York, Ny 10009

Price $21

Fall Dessert Menu Tasting

A new menu with new baked goods for us to share with the Kommunity! We're launching the new autumn collection and want to give you an exclusive tasting tour of the mildly sweet delicacies made by the maker baker, Martina Nardo of Sugar Sketch. Join Martina for a tasting of her delicious savory & sweet baked goods, as she walks you through the story of her bakery, her innovations, and for an evening of tasty Italian inspired baked goods.

Cuisine: Desserts & Pastries

Meal: Tasting
Includes: Coffee, Other (See Description)


Olive Cheese Cloud (Savory)
Italian take on traditional Brazilian 'Pao de Queijo'. Cheese puffs with cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese and mixed Olives. [ GF ]
Traditional Cheese Cloud (Savory)
Italian take on traditional Brazilian Pao de Queijo. Cheese puffs with Parmesan and Feta cheese. Topped with Cheddar cheese, Parmesan cheese, Rosemary Prosciutto and sea salt. Gluten free.
S'mores Cupcake
mini chocolate cupcake, vanilla cream filling, chocolate buttercream, s’mores bars crumble
Apple Twist Cupcake
vanilla mini cupcake, apple-cinnamon filling, cinnamon buttercream, & salted caramel drizzle
Berry Scone
lightly sweetened break cake infused with berries.
Blueberry Stuffin' Muffin
blueberry muffin with cream cheese filling
Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Traditional American chocolate chunk cookie- gooey, chunky, delicioso!
Granola Bar
soft, light, mouthwatering bar made with a baker's touch.
choose one of the following lattes... nutella, pumpkin, or caramel. --- Or a Marocchino, hot bev. w/ nutella, followed by two shots of espresso and topped with a dollop of whip cream.

About Sugar Sketch

If you could find the perfect balance between the super sweet and salty savory—both that you love so dearly—it would be in the tasty pastries and bakery at SUGAR SKETCH in the LES. The number one thing that makes Sugar Sketch stand out is the unique recipes that do not have that typical *too* sugary taste; there is a perfect balance of sweet and salty that actually will not make you feel *that* guilty when all is said and done. Come in for a taste, and you'll be back for more!

Website: http://www.sugarsketch.com/

Location: 172 E 2nd Street New York, Ny 10009

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About Martina Nardo

Martina Nardo photo

Martina Nardo has been a Pastry Chef and Cake Designer for the past six years in NYC. Born and raised in Rome, Italy, her passion for food and art stems from her heritage. Her grandmother taught her to appreciate the simplicity of Italian cuisine, its flavors, and the cultural value associated with it. Her mother – a graphic designer & illustrator – is a major influence encouraging her to apply creativity towards her cakes making them true works of art. Upon receiving her BA in Psychology from the New School, she began her studies of the Culinary Arts at the Institute of Culinary Education, and finished with a degree in Cake Designs and Techniques at The French Culinary Institute in NYC. After working in several kitchens throughout Manhattan, Martina launched Sugar Sketch in 2013. Her work aims at combining Italian flavor profiles with modern American designs using the best quality ingredients to create something memorable, beautiful and tasteful!