Ethiopian Eats w/ Bati Kitchen @ Bati Ethiopian Kitchen


Time Mon Sep 17
7 PM - 9 PM

Location Bati Ethiopian Kitchen
747 Fulton St.
Brooklyn, Ny 11217

Price $35

Ethiopian Eats w/ Bati Kitchen

An evening of various popular Ethiopian dishes, featuring a variety of vegan & non-vegan items served with injera bread to highlight the aromatic flavors of this widely popular cuisine. Enjoy the experience with chef/owner and Ethiopia-native, Hibist Legesse as she walks you through the dishes and hosts you for an unique dining experience.

Cuisine: Ethiopian

Meal: Communal / Family Style
Includes: Coffee
For Purchase: Beer, Wine


Injera bread toasted and coated with berbere (a spicy paste) and Ethiopian butter.
Yesiga Wett
Morsels of beef prepared with a blend of Ethiopian spices
Yebeg Alicha
Mild lamb stew cooked with onions, garlic, ginger, and butter. Served with injera.
Fragrant collards cooked with an Ethiopian-style spiced butter flavored with cardamom, fenugreek, and nigella seeds.
Chickpea stew cooked with minced onions, garlic and traditional Ethiopian spices
Tikil Gomen
Cabbage and carrots steamed in a pot with minced vegetables and traditional spices.
Sweet pastry made of layers of filo filled with chopped nuts and held together with honey
Injera Bread (served with all items)
East African sourdough-risen flatbread with a unique, slightly spongy texture. Traditionally made out of teff flour, it is a national dish in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Bati is a traditional Ethiopian restaurant, located in the heart of Fort Greene, Brooklyn, dedicated to serving authentic delicacies that possess homemade quality. Bati has a buzzy vibe popular with locals. Menu offers traditional non-vegan & vegan dishes,, family style dining and Ethiopian beer and honey wine (Tej). Our craft is a product of our frequent travels to Addis Ababa learning about the spices and methods used to cook up these unique, yet delicious Ethiopian dishes.


Location: 747 Fulton St. Brooklyn, Ny 11217

Bati Ethiopian Kitchen photo

About Hibist Legesse

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is where it all began for Hibist (chef & owner), where she went to cook with her aunts to learn about and cook the aromatic southeast African cuisine. As a result, Bati Kitchen is considered one of the top Ethiopian eateries in NYC.