Displaced Kitchens -- Month of Ramadan @ Mama Ayesha

Weekly Chef-ugee Hosted Iftars!


Time Mon Jun 11
7:30 PM - 10 PM

Location Mama Ayesha
1967 Calvert Street
Washington, Dc 20009

Price $75

Displaced Kitchens -- Month of Ramadan

This Ramadan, Komeeda is bringing its heralded Displaced Kitchens series to one of the District’s most distinguished Middle Eastern outposts. Mama Ayesha and Komeeda will be giving a recently-resettled refugee the opportunity to take center stage and share their story and their culture through their food this high holy month. The bi-weekly iftars (dinners) will highlight the nuances of this pillar of Islam, and are sure to be delicious (even if you haven’t been fasting since sunrise). Connect with guests from all walks of life, and get a taste of something unforgettable.

Cuisine: Middle-Eastern

Meal: Tasting
Includes: Non-Alcoholic Beverages


Taboullah or Mixed Green Salad
Served with Fresh Pita Bread
Chicken Makloubeh

About Mama Ayesha

Founded by Ayesha Abraham, Mama Ayesha's opened for business in 1960. They’re a family owned and operated restaurant serving authentic Arabic cuisine. With dishes prepared daily from scratch you can be sure you're getting the closest thing to home cooking in the District. They’ll be moving forward into our 5th decade of serving the Washington, DC area, and have built a reputation as one of this Capitol City’s most authentic culinary locales.

Website: http://www.mamaayeshas.com/

Location: 1967 Calvert Street Washington, Dc 20009

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About Displaced Kitchens

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The Displaced Kitchen #eatkomeeda series is a campaign aimed to bring together people to hear a perspective of a recently resettled refugee. We feature a refugee to share their story over a feast! Our "Chef-ugee" hosts left various conflict zones for safety, and have resettled since. All of whom experienced the hardships of survival, and the hardship of acclimating into our society, the Displaced Kitchens is aimed to bridge the gap through food by providing them an outlet to share their journey, and their cuisine with our Kommunity.

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