Chef Showdown 9 - Mission BBQ @ Food Arts Center

A Chef Competition, for the People, by the People.


Time Thu Sep 20
6 PM - 8:30 PM

Location Food Arts Center
210 E. 43rd St
New York, Ny 10017

Price $35

Chef Showdown 9 - Mission BBQ

The Komeeda Original Series - Chef Showdowns are recurring Fun Eating Experiences showcasing four super duper talented chefs who will throw down for the showdown! Taste new innovative bites, sip, engage with the Kommunity, and help us choose the next Chef Showdown Champion!

Cuisine: New York Progressive

Meal: Competition
Includes: Beer, Wine


Chef's Specials
Four self-made talented chefs are showcasing the most creatively tasty barbeque bites for the Kommunity to eat and vote for the next Chef Showdown Champion!
Mission: BBQ
As we close the summer, we give the Kommunity an opportunity to taste the creative, delicious, savory flavors of our Kulinary Agents. Taste innovative BBQ cuisine like never before!
Showcase Bites
Past Chef Showdown Champions will hook up the Kommunity with their latest creative bites!

A Kitchen With a Mission! The Food Arts Center is a culinary destination for creativity, culture, and experiences. Through their work, they educate, train, and employ resilient people from underserved areas, empowering a community through food.


Location: 210 E. 43rd St New York, Ny 10017

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About The Kitchen with a Mission

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The Food Arts Center at FEDCAP is a social enterprise for education and career development. We're dedicated to helping people facing barriers, find employment opportunities, career pathways and economic independence through our culinary vocational training program as well as through our corporate & event catering, special events, workshops, kitchen rental and food production services in the heart of New York City.

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