A Veteran's Feast @ Food Arts Center

A Cultural Dinner Hosted by Army Vet. Hunter Lu


Time Fri Nov 10
7 PM - 9:30 PM

Location Food Arts Center
210 E. 43rd St
New York, Ny 10006

Price $69

A Veteran's Feast

A culinary journey through the adventures and experiences of U.S. Army Veteran Hunter Lu. This special Veterans Day dinner will showcase the global influences of his culinary passion featuring the dishes he was served during his service in Iraq, and the flavors of his life expeditions in China, and Vietnam. Proceeds from ticket sales will go to Team Rubicon, a mission that unites the skills and experiences of military veterans with first responders to rapidly deploy emergency response teams.

Cuisine: Other

Meal: Communal / Family Style
Includes: Soda, Wine


Chilled Chinese Salad
Cucumbers with garlic & bamboo shoots with chili
Sugar & Vinegar Pork Ribs (Mom's Recipe)
Pork ribs cooked in sugar, vinegar and dark soy sauce (Mom's recipe)
Iraqi Army Stew
Stewed lentils in tomato sauce with rice
Potstickers Mantu Style
Chinese chicken potstickers with yogurt and a spiced tomato sauce
Almond Jelly with Fruit
Sweet almond flavored jelly with tropical fruit

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Location: 210 E. 43rd St New York, Ny 10006

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About Hunter Lu

Hunter Lu photo

Hunter Lu is a first generation Chinese American, Iraq veteran and an unapologetic food nerd. A self-taught cook, he grew up working as unpaid child labor (despite his protests) in his dad’s vegetable garden and cooking Chinese food with his mom. A U.S. Army veteran, he served in Iraq as part of a specialized military intelligence team before transitioning to civilian life. Having experienced firsthand the divide between civilians and veterans, he hopes to humanize and share the veteran experience through food. His personal experiences of emigrating from China, growing up in multi-cultural community in California, and service in the military all ignited his curiosity to understand and bridge cultural divides. Hunter has a bachelor's degree from UC Berkeley and recently completed a Master’s Degree in Food Studies at New York University. He is currently working on a cookbook focused on Iraqi cuisine.