A New Arabian Feast - Second Seating @ The Broken English Pop-Up

The Inaugural Broken English Dinner by Chef Moeen

★★★★★ (5.0)


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Time Tue Jul 11
8:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Location The Broken English Pop-Up
555 Second Ave
New York, Ny 10016

Price $75

A New Arabian Feast - Second Seating

The inaugural Broken English pop-up dinner series kicks off! Join chef de cuisine Moeen Abuzaid, as he shares his journey to discover his one-of-a-kind culinary creativity. Feast over a seven-course modern Arabian dinner, featuring newly infused ingredients to create colorful and mouthwatering dishes. His passion lays in the arts, understanding that in order to fascinate your guests, you must trigger all of their senses. Chef Moeen will stimulate your sense of sight, smell and taste to fulfill your appetite in ways rarely found in today's restaurant scene. As Chef Moeen shares his story in "Broken English", sip on stunning wines, appreciate fantastic camaraderie, and engage with one of NYC's up and coming culinary artists.

Cuisine: New Arabian

Meal: Traditional
For Purchase: Wine


All creators develop a voice with their practice and chefs are no different. We tell a story through the food we serve, and our personal touch is what makes the food as unique as the people behind it. "Broken English" is a reflection of Chef Moeen's years spent exploring New York's rich multi-cultural palate. While working tirelessly to expand his knowledge and awareness of the many new culinary styles and ingredients that abound here, Moeen focused on perfecting his culinary art first, the English language second. Over the past years in NYC, he enters into a new world of gastronomic excitement. The goal is to bring these multifaceted cultural exchanges to life through food. His creations incorporate a blended influence and he is certain his patrons will find it as curious and pleasing as some find his "Broken English".

Website: http://Moeen.abuzaid@gmail.com

Location: 555 Second Ave New York, Ny 10016

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About Moeen Abuzaid

Moeen Abuzaid photo

Moeen discovered his passion for the culinary arts at a young age in his native land, Jordan. Two decades ago he began his culinary journey, self-taught and under the influence of great chefs throughout his career. Working in five-star hotels across the Middle East, he continued to refine and master his technical culinary artistry. These experiences led him to become a professional chef and master of the "de luxe" style of hotel cookery. Moeen's journey took him to New York City in 2010 to experiment with the art of fine gastronomy, to work with renown chefs and further expand his palette, discovering new ingredients and experimenting with new flavors. Five years later, Moeen has crafted his own style of cuisine. Pursuing his dream of fine gastronomy through "New Arabian" cuisine, he conceptualized his first pop-up experience, "Broken English". Well received by his community, he elevates each experience, dish after dish; and offers a seat at the table for you.

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