Discover. Taste. Interact.

Komeeda brings you an all encompassing dining experience where-ever 

you decide to dine out!


Whether it's brunch, lunch or dinner, restaurants cater prix-fixe five

(or more) course meals for you to taste new cuisines and dishes with old

and new friends.  


Your dining experiences with Komeeda will be unique from restaurant to

restaurant, with each having a story and style of their own. Your job is to

come with an open mind and empty stomach. 


The Komeeda Story

One city I visited during my post-graduation European journey was Barcelona, Spain. Waking up in a hostel one morning, a fellow hostel-mate asked... "comdia?"

From there it became an experience that will never be forgotten.

What I assumed to be a quick lunch with another hostel-mate who hails from Argentina, wound up being a group lunch with seven random people from various national backgrounds. Australia, Holland, Argentina, Spain, Libya, France, and of course... me the New Yorker.

For two hours, we enjoyed a meal and drinks together at a “mom & pop” tapas restaurant off the beaten track where we shared our dreams, our journeys and a pretty awesome appetizing meal; all with no worry of judgment.  I never expected in my wildest dreams to have this unforgettable experience with the random group of people I met, but it just felt so natural!

Komeeda brings that entire experience back to the Melting Pot, New York City! With people from all walks of life who set-up-shop in this great city to make it or break it, what better way is there to share our successes and struggles with like-minded people?



People are always looking to connect; whether it be with friends, family or complete strangers.  Stories are shared; sports and politics discussed which equates to people connecting.

Komeeda is a platform where friends, foodies and casual diners alike can socialize, enjoy a variety of restaurant dishes during unique and interactive dining events. We partner with select New York City and outer borough restaurants to help curate fun, social as well as informative and appetizing dining experiences that you will not forget.

Discover. Taste. Interact.

The Komeeda Experience

Before we host our events, we meet the restaurant manager, owner and chefs to talk about the history of the particular restaurant, who cooks their food, customer satisfaction and much more. Komeeda coordinates with approved restaurants to set up a flavorful multi-course meal for Komeaters to enjoy with one another.

Komeeda events seamlessly create a social setting for people to dive headlong into. You will learn about the restaurant, get the chance to talk about it with fellow Komeaters and catch up with friends over a delectable meal – the total sum of which culminates in a truly great dining experience!

We work closely with each restaurant we partner with. We listen to them, hear their story and try our best to communicate the magic that’s happening between their walls. We also find ways for Komeeda restaurants to give exceptional service, above and beyond the average dining reservation.

Seamless Dining

Before you arrive, your menu is set, the check is paid and the restaurant will be waiting for you to just enjoy the magnificent experience. Our expertise allows us to put everything together and eliminate any distractions so you can focus on the most important things, like the mouth-watering food on your plate and the company you’re in.


People who love to eat are always the best people
— Julia Child