About Komeeda

Waking up in a hostel in Barcelona one morning, a fellow hostel-mate asked... "comida?"

What I assumed would be a quick lunch with an Argentinian hostel-mate, quickly grew into a group lunch with seven people from all over. Australia, Holland, Argentina, Spain, Libya, France, and of course... me the New Yorker.

We enjoyed two hours of food and drink at a mom & pop tapas restaurant off the beaten path, sharing our journeys & dreams for the future; all with no worry of judgement. I never expected to have this unforgettable experience with the random people that I met, but it felt so natural!

Komeeda is an easy way to discover unique gastronomic events, taste exciting new foods, and interact with other interesting guests, in addition to the passionate chefs who want to share their stories.

To find the perfect family-style Ethiopian feast, low-key beer & burger pairing, or whatever dining experience is right for you, explore Komeeda’s events now.